Contemporary Abstract Art Exhibition by Stuart Beck at DSQ’s Pop Up Art Studio

Devonshire Square’s Pop-Up Art Studio

On Wednesday 23rd February, Devonshire Square’s Pop-Up Art Studio will be opening its doors to the public! The Pop Up – located in the heart of the historical campus, with its entrance facing the Western Courtyard – will be hosting an exhibition by British artist Stuart Beck, a contemporary abstract painter who uses intriguing and thought-provoking shapes combined with chromatic vividness and light contrast to convey feelings and emotions.

Based in Saint Albans, Beck has exhibited his work in various venues across the UK, both individually and collectively, drawing his inspiration from personal feelings about life and the world around him.

The exhibition is free to attend and is part of Devonshire Square’s Cultural Events Programme, launched by Devonshire Square to promote the arts as an essential tool to create an inspiring and stimulating community environment, encourage social cohesion and emotional well-being.

The programme includes visual arts exhibitions, interactive art workshops and performing art shows, delivered by both accomplished and emerging artists from diverse backgrounds.

Beck’s artworks will be on display from 23rd February to 14th March, from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 8pm.

For more information on Devonshire Square’s Pop-Up Art Studio and to know more about Devonshire Square’s Cultural Programme, please email the Devonshire Square Events Team on frontdesk@devonshiresq.co.uk or call them on 02076450800.