Abstract nature art exhibition by contemporary artist Tina Ashton

From 13th JUN to 29th JUL

From Monday 13th June to Friday 29th July, Devonshire Square will be hosting in its Pop-Up Art Studio a visual art exhibition by contemporary British artist, Tina Ashton.

Originally from Caerphilly in Wales, Tina now works from a studio that overlooks a lake in the Buckinghamshire countryside, and her abstract nature paintings are deeply inspired by the direct contemplation of that landscape and its natural surroundings, particularly by trees.

Tina Ashton’s works celebrates the beauty and the healing power of nature by abstractedly representing scenes and details captured under different light conditions, times of the day and seasons.

Her love for nature is also symbolically expressed by the presence of the heart shape, creatively and subtly included in each of the artworks belonging to this collection.

Tina’s style is heavily influenced by Art Nouveau; she uses a vivid chromatic palette to create curves and swirling movement that characterise much of this period, and couples them with thick black outlines that resemble stained glass.

The melange of bold colours used by the artist in the collection of artworks on display at Devonshire Square’s Pop-Up Art Studio was inspired by the work of American Art Nouveau designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany, best known for his stained glass.

Tina Ashton’s exhibition is presented by Little Van Gogh, an international network dedicated to supporting emerging artists by curating art exhibitions within business destinations and workplace settings.

The exhibition is free to attend and is part of Devonshire Square’s Cultural Events Programme, launched by Devonshire Square to promote the arts as an essential tool to create an inspiring and stimulating community environment, encourage social cohesion and emotional well-being.

The programme includes visual arts exhibitions, interactive art workshops and performing art shows, delivered by both accomplished and emerging artists from diverse backgrounds.

Tina Ashton’s artworks will be on display from 13th June to 15th July, from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 8pm.

For more information on Devonshire Square’s Pop-Up Art Studio and to know more about Devonshire Square’s Cultural Programme, please email the Devonshire Square Events Team on frontdesk@devonshiresq.co.uk or call them on 020 7645 0800.