'Fragile Dream' Visual Art Exhibition

From 5th to 27th March

From 5th to 27th March, Devonshire Square will be proudly hosting in its pop-up art studio – DSQube – an extraordinary and profoundly inspiring visual art exhibition, ‘Fragile Dream’.

‘Fragile Dream’ is a curated collection of artworks by six distinct artists who explore the intricate interplay between vulnerability and resilience, in a world marked by the fragility of physical structures, the dreams of the displaced, and the surreal landscapes of slumber.

The exhibition features original artworks by talented Ukrainian artists SERIA_ (Elena Orap and Dasha Podoltseva), Olenka Naumenko, Oleksandra Martson and Alexey Shmurak, as well as multi-award-winning UK artist Harriet Mena Hill.

All six artists, each with their unique perspective, weave narratives of fragility, dreams and the human spirit.

SERIA__, Olenka Naumenko, Oleksandra Martson and Alexey Shmurak explore the profound impact of war on the physical and emotional landscapes, intertwining fragility, dreams, and resilience.

As the conflict unfolds in Ukraine, the selected artists bring forth narratives that traverse the tangible and intangible aspects of human experience.

Harriet Mena Hill’s meticulous documentation of the Aylesbury Estate’s redevelopment captures the fragility of communities facing aggressive gentrification.

In the delicate tapestry of the human experience, the fragility of dreams, the act of dreaming, and the very fabric of reality intertwine, revealing a nuanced exploration of vulnerability, imagination, and the fleeting nature of our perceptions.

‘Fragile Dream’ is being hosted in Devonshire Square’s Pop Up Art Studio – ‘DSQube’ (10 Devonshire Square, EC2M 4AE) – and is FREE to attend.

The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 3pm, and from 3pm to 7pm for pre-booked visits, available to both individual and groups.

To book your guided tour or arrange an out-of-hours visit, please contact the DSQ Team on FrontDesk@dsq.london or call them on 02076450800.