Join Devonshire Square's complimentary Social Singing Sessions!

Weekly - Every Wednesday

We are delighted to announce that Devonshire Square’s Social Singing sessions are restarting on Wednesday 25th January at 1pm!

Conducted by vocal coach, teacher, and professional soprano Jessica Norton of Music in Offices, the sessions can be joined by everyone, and no singing experience is required.

The initiative is part of the Wellness & Fitness Programme, launched by DSQ with the aim of promoting occupiers’ wellbeing and happiness, as singing, especially group singing, helps to promote positive feelings, reduces stress, anxiety and increases feeling of trust and wellbeing.

The rehearsals will take place every Wednesday in the suite located on the second floor of Building 9a.

The Social Singing sessions are FREE to attend, however, participants are required to register their attendance by emailing our Front Desk on  frontdesk@devonshiresq.co.uk , as availability is limited.

You are all warmly invited to register and to enjoy the re-energising and relaxing power of group singing!