MET SHOWROOM at Devonshire Square

From 17th November to 1st December 2023

From Friday 17th November, until Friday 1st December, Devonshire Square will be hosting in its inspiring art studio, DSQube, the first MET SHOWROOM, a new concept space where the BA Fashion at London Metropolitan University will be showcasing the latest collections by their innovative and talented designers.

The MET SHOWROOM has been conceived as a professional industry space where designers will be working in a showroom setting, while connecting with the local community, inviting industry, press, retail buyers, stylists, private clientele and passers-by to see their work, share their visions, ideas and aspirations.

Devonshire Square is proud to be providing a platform to bridge the gap between graduates and the fashion industry, at the launching point of their careers, and to offer young graduates an opportunity to be discovered and recognised for their talent.

The MET SHOWROOM 2023 features collections by designers Aiden King, Claudia Lerario, Dolsie Pyman, Ellen Kinder, Izabela Mrzyglod, Laura Cabanas, Mary Gurraj, Oliver Haus ans Somayia Khan.

The team at LMU continue mentoring the designers, nurturing their talents and harnessing their skills, as they progress onto the next stage of their creative journeys.

The MET SHOWROOM will be open to the general public every day, from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 18:00, starting from Friday 17th November. The experience is available to everyone and registration is not required.

The MET SHOWROOM is located in the DSQube art studio, 10 Devonshire Square, EC2M 4AE.

To learn more about Devonshire Square’s forthcoming events, exhibitions and festival of arts, please contact the DSQ Team on frontdesk@dsq.london .