'The Garden of Hearts’ will bloom again in Devonshire Square on Valentine’s Day!

14th February

On Valentine’s Day, a wonderful ‘Garden of Hearts’ will bloom again in Devonshire Square’s Western Courtyard, transforming our historical campus into a dreamy celebration of love, togetherness and friendship.

Hundreds of eco-friendly heart-shape red balloons will be floating gently above the Georgian stone flooring of Devonshire Square’s atmospheric covered piazza – from 10am until late in the evening – providing a delightfully romantic setting for a joyful walk through the hearts with your loved one, and a unique backdrop for memorable photos.

Designed and created by Devonshire Square’s Events Team, ‘The Garden of Hearts’ is an interactive installation that celebrates the power of love, and the comforting feeling of compassion and unity within communities.

The installation is dedicated to the British Heart Foundation and is meant to raise awareness on the outstanding medical research work funded by the charity to fight all heart and circulatory diseases.

To support the charity, Devonshire Square is organizing a collection of high-quality items, including clothing and books, which will start on Valentine’s Day and will continue until the end of March. All items will be donated to our local BHF charity shop to raise funds in aid of the charity.

If you wish to take part in Devonshire Square’s #Nobrokenhearts  fundraising campaign, you can bring the items that you wish to donate to Devonshire Square’s Building 6 ground floor reception – at any time from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday –  and your donations will be delivered to a British Heart Foundation charity shop at the end of the appeal. Alternatively, you can personally deliver your items to your local BHF charity shop or make an online donation in aid of the charity, through their official website.

We would like to warmly thank you for joining DSQ in supporting the BHF and we wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!




Photo credit ©Patrizia Ilaria Sechi