'Future Focus, New Terrain' - Contemporary photography exhibition

From 16th OCT to 13th NOV

From 16th October until 13th November, Devonshire Square will be hosting ‘New Terrain’, a photographic exhibition presented by local Arts Agency Parallel LDN, as part of ‘Future Focus’, a cultural programme dedicated to discovering contemporary shifts in art, using photography in support of a better future.

As artists push the limits of the medium in response to the uncertainty of the current times, they develop new ways of perceiving the world, highlighting the diverse possibilities that photography offers not only for artistic progress but for social understanding and transformation.

The ‘Future Focus’ programme includes a series of exhibitions and curated content, aiming at exploring new visual dialogues that disrupt our preconceived notion on the ever evolving medium, and give access to the artists that seek their own freedom through experimentation.

The first series of the programme, ‘New Terrain’ – which will be launched at Devonshire Square with an opening celebration taking place on 19th October, from 6.30pm to 9.30pm –   features eight distinctive artists that give us a glimpse into contemporary photography’s diverse and progressive landscape, including artists working at the intersection of AI, sculpture, and film.

Curated by Natalia Seweryn and Patterson Falls, the exhibition features original artworks by Sabrina Tirvengadum, Mark Allred, Katie Nia, David Delruelle, Thomas Jenkins, and Patterson Falls.

Whether representational, abstract, or interdisciplinary, these artists all break linear traditions to embrace a more fluid and responsive approach, constructing conversations between cultural identity, time and space, past and present, memory, material trace, real and alternate realities.

As artists investigate, research, and break new ground, not only do they gain insight into inner worlds they also reveal new prisms to see the world through.

‘New Terrain’ serves as a prompt to redefine photography in the wake of emerging technologies and climate to change, to reveal a diverse landscape of infinite possibilities, both tangible and imagined.

‘Future Focus’ is dedicated to amplifying the diverse voices within the contemporary art sphere. At the core of the programme is a drive to address the critical issues of today, ignite greater connections to our environment and support the initiatives that protect it.

Devonshire Square is proud to be hosting the exhibition as part of its annual cultural events programme, centered on supporting important social and environmental causes through the power of the arts. In line with Devonshire Square’s vision, Parallel LDN, together with their artists, donate 20% of the sales proceeds to non-profit charities aligned with the exhibition, chosen by the artist.

The exhibition will be open to the public on Monday 16th October and is FREE to visit, however, registration to attend the opening celebration event is required, as availability is limited.

You can register your attendance through the dedicated Eventbrite page available here; alternative, you can email the Devonshire Square Events Team on frontdesk@dsq.london .