DSQ's 'Compassion in Motion'

From 23rd OCT to 31st DEC

DSQ ‘Compassion in Motion’ is a programme of charitable initiatives launched by Devonshire Square to raise awareness of highly deserving homeless charities Whitechapel Mission – which operates locally – and The Connection, London’s busiest homeless charity, which provides support to homeless in Central London.

The programme also aims at supporting Change Please, a fantastic social enterprise which runs coffee outlets in various locations across UK, including Devonshire Square, and utilises 100% of the profits generated by their sales to support people experiencing homelessness.

The ‘Compassion in Motion’ programme has been envisioned and organised by the Devonshire Square Community and Events Management, with the purpose of raising awareness of the dramatic increase of homelessness in UK, and encouraging people and communities to collectively support these remarkable organizations at this very critical time.

The programme includes the ‘Cue for Change’ Pool Tournament, hosted by Devonshire Square from 23rd October to 6th November, in aid of The Connection, a foodbank collection organised in aid of the Whitechapel Mission, and the promotion of Change Please loyalty scheme.

To know more about the DSQ ‘Compassion in Motion’ programme, or if you wish to be involved in our charitable initiatives, please contact the Devonshire Square Team on frontdesk@dsq.london .